If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know the risk associated with having totally careless neighbors.

Imagine that it’s raining, it’s cold outside, who knows— they decide they really just HAVE to smoke a cigarette inside. Well, thanks to that little cigarette, your place could burn to the ground in the middle of the night. UNLESS…

There’s a firewall.


At Financial Freedom Weekend, you’ll hear me go into great depth on why you need to build a firewall between your PERSONAL and your PRACTICE finances. It absolutely drives me crazy when people think it is OK to mix these up together…  Honestly, at this point in your career, you simply CAN’T have money flowing back and forth between the two.

Expansion occurs when things are separate. If you treat your business like its own entity, you’re giving it the necessary space to grow and flourish.

But if you mix it up with your personal finances, you are bungling the opportunity for growth. 

You need to keep it clean, or else when someone goes to sell your business one day, it’s not going to look like it is worth ANYTHING! Hypothetical scenario. You say you’re making X dollars and you are really making 2X dollars per year. What you’re doing is taking a BIG portion off the record— maybe your accountant even advised it— and you think you are saving yourself from tons of taxes.

You probably think no one’s ever going to catch you. Let me tell you something: those are dirty dirty books. It really is going to catch up to you one day. And the sad part is, you will have brought it upon yourself.


I learned my lesson recently about dealing with bunglers. I invested a good chunk of money to become a partner in a private company, and I found out that the owner had spent money from the business account on HER PERSONAL expenses.

I was absolutely livid.

You will never, ever, ever see me working with someone that commingles their business and personal funds. Never. I just won’t do it.


Some of you are working five days a week, losing sleep, are constantly stressed out, and you just CAN’T give full attention to your Practice finances. It isn’t intentional; it’s just the way things are. I understand that. But do you know what happens next? You end up commingling funds from BOTH areas of your life, and you make a big mess of both areas.


It is incredibly difficult to assess your own financial situation— honestly and CLEARLY— because you are just too EMOTIONALLY invested. Your family depends on you… Your Practice depends on you…. Your future retirement depends on you.. You have way too much on your plate.

That’s where my Financial Freedom Weekend comes into play.


What you really need is an outsider— someone who can look in and tell you the authentic truth about your situation. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m just going to tell you what you NEED to do. I’m going to give you proven strategies to get your accounts in order, and to clean up your messy funds. I’m going to get you and your spouse on the same page so that you have one less stress-factor in your lives.

That’s why you came to me to start with, isn’t it?


At Financial Freedom Weekend, I will help you to FIREPROOF your finances by creating necessary separations and systems of accountability. Do this favor for yourself— call our team at 866-917-2808 to reserve your seat at the Financial Freedom Weekend in January ’15. I’ll see you there.


Until next time,





Jay Geier