Whether your practice has 3 employees or 30… the caliber of your team is JUST as important! You have to have a top-notch team in order to have a top-notch practice, and that all starts with having a Superstar Staff! Our philosophy is, “There is no shortage of opportunities, just a shortage of people willing to take advantage of them!” So if you’re a superstar, or if you know you’re capable of becoming one, NOW is the time to make it happen! To help you on that path, we are highlighting just ONE of the thousands of offices we’ve worked with to overcome this problem. They shared with us where their office started, what they did to fix it, and where the are now! Here they are, in their own words…

Where They Started

  • Our doctor had been in business for 10 years, with the same small staff in place. The practice had been at a standstill for a long time — the small office had reached its capacity, profitability was low, and everyone’s income had plateaued.
  • Despite the doctor’s congenial personality and nice staff, the office wasn’t a fun place to work because there was no teamwork.
  • We built a bigger office and initiated a new marketing plan. We expected the practice to grow with increased patients, revenue and profits. Two years later everything was still the same!
  • We signed up with 1-800-Dentist and saw only a minor bump; we knew we were still missing something important….


What They Did

  • We were introduced to the Scheduling Institute, and realized THAT’S what we were missing! After training, we started handling new patient calls the “right” way — we saw an immediate increase because now we were “closing” appointments.
  • Scheduling Institute phone training led to the rebirth of our office because we were also taught to systematically apply the concepts and strategies throughout the practice, not just on the phones. Such as, being concise when making a case presentation, or talking about financial options.
  • Now every task and situation has a “choreographed” procedure written down, so we’re consistent. We ALL have a lot more confidence in what we’re doing — the front desk staff, the hygienist, the assistant, the doctor. Also, having set procedures allows others to step in when needed.
  • We put a firm office philosophy in place, thanks to SI. We hold a monthly staff meeting during which we listen to SI tapes and CDs so everyone understands the basis of our practice; they see the big picture.
  • We recognized that you really are only as strong as your weakest link, so dismissed one long-time employee who did not have a good attitude about the things we were trying to do. Over the years we’ve continued to weed out anyone who can’t get on-board. And we completely revamped our hiring system to focus on getting the right personalities.


How They’re Doing Now

  • Production and profitability are up 40% over the past two years as a result of implementing Scheduling Institute strategies. Now we can actually capture the additional New Patients generated through 1-800-Dentist!
  • Everyone on the staff is supportive of our vision. We’re doing more work, but also enjoying it more, because everyone’s confident in what they’re doing, and we’re a real team. It’s now a FUN place to work!
  • We no longer have patient complaints about billing or scheduling or anything else, because we consistently do things the right way.


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