Are YOU remembering to update your stats? Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find EVERYTHING gets easier!

The Battle of the Stat Winners for the month of July are…..

  • 1st place:  Sue Abdallah from Dr. Justin Ahoyt’s office rocked it! She tracked her stats from September ’11 to July ’14. Sue is receiving a $300 prize!
  • 2nd place: Shonta Amandolia from Dr. Robert Woods’ office really knocked it out of the park, tracking all of her stats from August ’13 to July ’14. Shonta is taking home a $200 prize.
  • 3rd place: Congratulations to Carolina Banderas from Dr. Richard George & Dr. Boon Allen’s office! She consistently recorded her monthly stats from November ’13 to July ’14. She  is receiving a $100 reward for staying on top of her stats.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS— KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Make sure you are entering your stats for the month of August NOW so you can be in our next lucky group of winners!


— The U Team