Last weekend, October 23rd-25th, 5,297 doctors and their teams traveled to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia to connect with offices from around the world, soak up inspiration from renowned speakers, learn production boosting strategies, and take their engagement to a whole new level.

After three high-energy days of learning, most teams were exhausted… And ready to head back to home base for some good ole R & R.

Not Dr. Dina Fixler’s team! This University Heights Dental team from Ohio decided to spend their Saturday evening doing something we WISH we’d thought of ourselves… Bringing the spirit of generosity to life in downtown Atlanta!

Each Summit attendee was given $45 credit to spend on arena concessions, and —rather than wasting the money they hadn’t used— these superstars donated their funds to feed the homeless. 

Words cannot express the joy you feel after doing a selfless act. I am pleased to say I work with some amazing people and we do amazing things for others— not expecting anything in return. We [wanted to share our story] to encourage others to be a little less selfish and realize that there’s always someone who needs something more than yourself.

Our office is very creative, not competitive. We enjoy giving without recieving in order to help people. I want to try and set something up to feed Cleveland’s homeless once a month or so. Thanks 5x Summit for the extra funds towards feeding a friend!


Staff at University Heights Dental and Dr. Dina Fixle

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