This morning at the Program Advisor huddle, Jenna decided to do something a little different… She brought in donuts and donut holes, and told us all a story.


“A long time ago, there was a baker who made donuts. Every day, he would take out the middle of the donut and throw it away to make the big, delicious rings of dough that we love. But one day, he thought, ‘Why am I throwing these away? They’re made of the same dough… They’re still delicious.. We could be eating this part too!’ So he started baking the centers as well, and called them donut holes. Now, when you go to Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, the donut holes are JUST as expensive as the actual donuts!

The point of the story is… Don’t throw away the little stuff. If you are on the phone with a client that you can tell needs help but just isn’t ready to join Platinum or go all in, that’s OKAY. Just get them to change something. Let them know that you don’t feel good about them hanging up the phone without doing something, even something small, because—even though they don’t know it yet— YOU know what a difference it will make in their Practice and their life. Consider it a donut hole. Maybe they just need to start with a training or a CD to get their feet wet. Just because it isn’t BIG doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. It is a step in the right direction!”


So today at the Scheduling Institute, we are all going to celebrate donut holes. We are going to appreciate little steps in the right direction. What can you and your team do to stop “throwing away donut holes?” Are there little things you can point out to a New Patient that will make a difference in his or her life?

Since it’s the last day of the year and we’re all about to start our inevitable New Year diets, now is the PERFECT time to eat a couple of “donuts” or “donut holes.” Give us a call at 866-917-2808  if you’d like to sign up for an On-Site Training or if you’ve made the exciting decision to join our high-accountability Coaching Program.


REMEMBER: The end of the calendar year is the BEST possible time to invest. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make an investment you already know you want to make. Business spending on allowable expenses will help you to avoid taxable profits! 


-the Scheduling Institute Team