If you haven’t bothered to lay out YOUR vision for your Practice, what you don’t realize is that you ARE still moving toward “some other” vision. It’s called a default vision, and it’s never a good one.

Look around. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll have to admit — your people are uncertain about direction and priorities,… there’s little or no accountability, and your results are mediocre, at best. The full team isn’t on board… because they don’t know what to be on board with! In other words, there’s no clear leadership.

These are the most obvious signs and symptoms of an organization working toward a default vision. If this hits too close to home, well frankly… it’s your own fault. It’s your job to set and communicate YOUR vision, and get everyone moving in the same direction to achieve it.

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If you find yourself thinking — or worse, saying out loud to your staff — “It’s a tough environment these days so this is the best we can expect,” then indeed that IS the best you can expect… because you don’t have a vision for it to be any other way. What you have today is what your vision was, whether you realize it or not. So change it!

It’s a mantra here at the Scheduling Institute that “You get what you deserve.” If you want your Practice to be as SUCCESSFUL and as PROFITABLE as it can possibly be, you gotta put some energy into mapping out a long-term vision for your business. Period. Then you put all the elements in place so you and your staff are constantly working toward that vision.

We’re well aware that vision-setting doesn’t come naturally for everyone — as many of your Kolbe Assessments reflect. If you fall into that category, no problem! Let us help you with it! As the Leader of your business, it’s YOUR job to establish the vision for your practice. You can’t abdicate or delegate the responsibility. But you can leverage our expertise to help you create a vision that’s “right” for your Practice at this time, AND to help position you to keep reloading that vision with a bigger and better one as you achieve along the way.

Once you have a vision to work toward, you’ll enjoy the process of going from where you are, to where you want to be — and find yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I let myself get to where I was!”