Jay Geier has identified certain trends that create a superstar staff. But the truth is, it all comes down to this – a superstar staff starts with a superstar YOU! You are on the front stage of the people business; therefore you are held to higher standards.

In order to create a superstar staff, there are some things you must eliminate from your office and values you need to establish. To begin, everyone needs to understand the two-economy system. You have no control over THE economy; therefore, concentrate your efforts on things you can control in YOUR economy – and stay in the bubble!

Second, you must get rid of the following excuses: “I don’t have time,” “I can’t,” and “It was a bad patient.” These are all excuses at their core. Find the time, make the time, or rearrange your time if you need to. Instead of “I can’t,” try giving it your best effort. And realize that it wasn’t a bad patient, but maybe you weren’t convincing about the value of the service you were providing to the patient.

Then, Jay says to establish the following culture and values in the practice.  First, create a culture that reflects a “you get what you deserve” mentality. You need to focus on doing your job to the best of your abilities.  Each staff member should:





OVER-DELIVER for what they get paid

Focus on the GREATER GOOD of the practice


And always remember to start each day by asking yourself,  “What can I do to make this patient’s experience a WOW moment?”

-Your Scheduling Institute Team