This St. Patrick’s Day, we’d love to show you how much we appreciate you by sending you your very own Pot O’ Gold… But, unfortunately, FedEx has a very strict “NO POT O’ GOLD” policy… (Apparently those things can be a real pain in the butt to carry!)

All jokes aside, I AM going to give you one simple and essential piece of business advice that will help you to create your OWN pot of gold… Without the hassle of chasing down rainbows!

The first thing you need to understand is that negative people attract negative results. It’s that simple. If you are negative, your tendency is probably to only focus on the bad things in your life, and to discuss them with everyone you know. You feed energy into everything that went WRONG, and–because of that–you tend to miss all of life’s big, wonderful opportunities.

On the other hand, positive people are capable of creating their own luck. Rather than becoming distracted or off-focus by the obstacles that cross their paths, these people move forward with intention–taking positive actions that lead to positive results. These people are the real life leprechauns; in their capable hands, any opportunity can turn into a pot of gold!

┬áSo next time things aren’t going as planned, instead of letting yourself whine and moan about your bad luck, consider taking things into your own hands. What actions can YOU take that will change your circumstances? What is your plan for being in a better place NEXT year than you are THIS year? How can you– through hard work, intentionality, positivity and engagement– impact the lives of those around you while growing your Practice to an unprecedented level of success?

I encourage you to sit down and think about these questions for a few minutes, and then write down your answer. It doesn’t have to be a specific, step-by-step plan for the entire year– just jot down some ideas. The point is–don’t wait around for good luck to come to you… You might be waiting until the day you die! Instead, commit to the idea of MAKING YOUR OWN LUCK.

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Until next time,


Jay Geier