When you’re ready to define goals for your BEST YEAR EVER, you need to totally ignore the news media and financial publications. Don’t become a victim to what’s going on around you by lowering your goals. Practice what I call the “two economy system” which you’ve probably heard me talk about many times.

In a nutshell, there’s “THE” economy — which is the external economy over which you have NO control whatsoever. So don’t waste your time and energy on it.
Then there’s YOUR economy — a bubble inside which you control everything and every resource at your disposal. That includes your Practice, your patient list, your employees, your home, your relationships, etc. Create that bubble around your business and around your home. Teach your employees and your family about it,… help them stay focused on the things they can control,… then control everything to your benefit! Be that person who others want to work for because you’re so “in control” and optimistic about the future.

Regardless of the economic environment, set strong, optimistic, stretch goals — “Polaroidable” goals you can visualize and believe in. Think of your Practice as a business, not just a job. Think out of the box; get out of your comfort zone; set stretch goals for yourself and your Practice — stretch yourself in the things you do, stretch yourself in your relationships, stretch yourself in your involvement, stretch yourself when it comes to marketing and other aspects of your Practice.

Don’t sandbag yourself with too-easy goals, such as “do the same as last year.” It’s better to set a higher goal and fall a bit short — at least you’ll generate some level of increase. Also, never change your goal once you set it. If you do, it wasn’t worth setting a goal in the first place.

And don’t be afraid of missing your goal. It’s ironic, but fears have a way of coming true. Why? Because you become focused on them. Subconsciously, you actually cause them to come true. So remove fear from the equation, and just go for it!

As the visionary and leader of your business it’s YOUR job to define and document your goals,… put plans in place,… begin to pursue them without fear of failure,… and follow through on those plans. (And if that’s not a strength of yours, hire someone who IS great at follow through and make sure they’re in your bubble!)

Remember, to have your BEST YEAR EVER, you have to stretch beyond what you’ve done before!