How many people are in the marketing department in your Practice? One? Two? One-half? Are you thinking what department?

Well – regardless if you have multiple people or just a portion of someone’s time, there is a way to create a full marketing team without hiring anyone new. 

First, I want to preface this by saying you SHOULD have one full time marketing person in your practice. If you have someone at the front desk that also does marketing – your New Patients will not continue to grow. When you are starting off, we understand that everyone has to help in everything. Once you reach a certain point you need to have someone focused on increasing New Patients. This person is not a high cost person – those that work in sales and marketing are results focused and are completely ok having a lower base salary or hourly rate with a higher rate of variable compensation based on the results they bring in. 

That being said – this is about how to build a marketing team without hiring people. So – once you have someone in your office in charge of Marketing and generating New Patients – you are ready to start growing that team. Here are a few people you can add to your team pretty quickly (without hiring):

• Copywriter: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in marketing you often need those thousand words. A good marketing copywriter can be worth their weight in gold. Lucky for you, they don’t cost their weight in gold. They can help write blog posts, salesletters, referral letters, reactivation pieces, etc. Once you have one good piece you can reinvent the format multiple times to leverage that copy to it’s fullest. 
TIP: Make sure they are a MARKETING copywriter that knows how to show the value of something and promote something while being a great communicator.

• Graphic Designer: Graphic Designers are a dime a dozen. Oftentimes you can get just about anything you want done in the way you want it simply by making sure you put in a little bit of time in preparing what you submit to them. Put a little thought into what you want, how you want it, provide the images and the copy then let them go to work. Once you find a few good ones, you will learn one another’s styles and eventually the preparation won’t have to be as detailed. 
TIP: Ugly stuff works – you don’t always have to have the most beautiful pieces. Also – things that go to your current patients should look alike – but external marketing should look different so that it stands out.

• Videographer: A good videographer is another great resource to have. They can tell a story that brings people to tears, or one that makes the person take an action. A really good one can come in and capture a story, and even patient testimonials, without much guidance once they understand how you will want to use the footage. 
TIP: You can do one shoot and a good videographer can create several videos from it. Just think about different formats…short, long, emotional, exciting, for new patients, for existing patients, intros, commercials, etc. They can also pull images from the videos for you to use! 

• Promotional Products Distributor: These are great for lumpy mailers, patient gifts, patient appreciation events, gift days, etc. They can provide trinkets, shirts, hats, cups, pens, etc.
TIP: Build a relationship with a couple of these vendors. Often they provide different items and you will want to get multiple quotes for anything you invest in.

• Google: Google can be your best friend when it comes to marketing. It can be used for inspiration, finding images, getting information about a mailer, finding vendors, even finding full marketing campaign examples. When in doubt google it!
TIP: Keep searching with different terms to find what you need. ALSO – use the images link under a search to easily narrow down your results. 

• Printer: Similar to a Promotional Products contact – printers are another vendor you should have a couple of. Remember, a printer does more than simple printing. They can print on a variety of paper and other materials. Ask them for a folder of samples to show what they do and it will inspire you for more ideas. 
TIP: A printer that can also serve as a fulfillment center is a great plus! They can print, address, add postage, and send it all for you. That being said make sure you watch over the process and look at exactly how they are doing it so that it matches what you want.

• Calendar: A marketing calendar is the best accountability partner. Lay out your pieces, budgets, goals and deadlines on a calendar. Publish this and use it as an accountability device to push you to keep things on track. 
TIP: If you aren’t hitting your goals – go back and look at the calendar. Your calendar is a direct reflection of your results.

• Stock Image Website: Real photos that you took of your practice and your patients are the best images to use. That being said, you may not always have one you can use. This is when stock images come into play. You can pay per image or you can buy a membership, depending on how much marketing you are doing. Your Designers and Videographers typically buy them and include them in their prices if they are working on your pieces.
TIP: iStock, Shutterstock, Graphicstock are all examples. 

• Automated Marketing Platform: This can make your life easier on so many levels. They can sync with your patient list sometimes – and can help you automatically trigger emails, schedule out campaigns, pull segmented lists, and create landing pages.Choose the resource that matches your needs because the bigger, bulkier systems can be a big headache to startup but are great once they are in place. 
TIP: Examples are Constant Contact, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Marketo, etc. 

There are hundreds of roles just like these where you don’t actually need to hire a person. You should utilize vendors and freelancers when you can. Consider them a part of your team. Also, treat them as a part of the team. You will get better service, better prices, and more priority if you treat them like a part of your team. This means that you are the employer, they are the employee. You should tell them what to do, give them the context and vision around that project so they fully feel a part of it, but they also need to deliver and follow through on their promises and quotes or you should ‘fire them’ as a resource. With all of these….one of the main things to remember is to negotiate. Never take your first price. Get multiple quotes. And Happy Marketing!

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