Because of the nature of your “products,” a good portion of your potential patients prefer to call and speak to the front office team on the phone rather than fill out an online appointment form. Because of this, you are forced to deal with the obstacle of not being able to track lead generation.

Usually, when speaking to these potential new patients, Practices resort to asking them how they heard about the office. While most leads state that they come from an online search, most can typically offer specific information about which ad they saw, if they were actually referred, keyword they searched, or if they went to your website.

This limited tracking for dental and medical Practices makes it nearly impossible to associate a particular conversion with a specific marketing activity. This ultimately means that many offices are continuously working off of incomplete data, resulting in extremely high cost per acquisition and low volume of new patients.

With the over abundance of marketing dollars wasted in Practices every day and the large potential patient audience that prefer to speak directly with the front office staff, it proves that your Practice is the ideal candidate for Call Tracking.


Call Tracker captures all calls resulting from any marketing activities generated by dental and medical Practices. The information captured is then automatically fed directly to the corresponding Practice’s Marketing Directors for analysis and marketing campaign adjustments.
“What Gets Measured, Gets Done.”



Several Practices across the U.S. have seen substantial results such as an average savings of $8,000 per month in wasted marketing efforts, growth in new patient population, doubling ROI, increase in staff performance and booked appointments, increase in lead conversion rate, and much more!

Dentists like Dr. Mai Huynh-Le have seen benefits such as the ease to make marketing campaign decisions without having to agonize over whether or not it will be successful.

“With Call Tracker, we have 24/7 access to our personal call tracking website and log in, but best of all the daily email reports are just an extra push to help me stay engaged with my staff and marketing. Marketing your practice or office without phone tracking system is just like rolling down the car window and throwing your money away.  I don’t place any new marketing campaign without attaching a Call Tracker number.”

She also is able to see money coming in with the help of Call Tracker identifying productive marketing that can be repeated and holding her staff accountable with their performance on the phones and converting leads to new patients.



If you’d like to start getting the most bang for YOUR marketing buck, call 866-956-2520 today to install Call Tracker, and see the difference immediately.