The four essential steps to the PROCESS of doubling your production are: (1) Make the decision, (2) Identify needed resources, (3) Develop the right support team, and (4) Implement an effective time management system.

Whatever system you use, you should incorporate this approach to time management: assign every single day on your calendar one of the “three P’s” — Production Day, Planning Day or Personal Day. We covered Personal and Planning Days in Part 1. This segment is devoted to the all-important PRODUCTION DAY — your money-making day!



A Production Day is a day that you WORK — typically that means you treat patients. Each Production Day must include ONLY those things that are productive, especially financially. Extract out of the day everything that does not fit that description, and eliminate all distractions. You shouldn’t be returning phone calls,… checking email,… sitting in meetings,… talking with vendors,… spending time on your computer,… running errands,… or even going out to lunch… to name just a few! Don’t even participate in a morning pre-meeting with your staff. On the days you treat patients, your support team should do everything around you.

To clean up your days, start by making a list of the things that YOU CAN NO LONGER DO. Force yourself to DELEGATE. Also, be very conscious of what you do from the moment you arrive at the office. Identify how you waste time, and the things you do that have nothing to do with production. Ask yourself questions like: “Was that the most important thing I was supposed to do today?” And, “Could that have been delegated to an assistant?”

A good system will force you to stay focused on ONLY those activities that increase production. Yes, it takes some discipline, but once you do it, you’ll see that it’s easy to add patients to your schedule… which is increased production!


A really productive Production Day looks something like this:

  • You show up well-rested physically and mentally. Maybe you exercised early that morning, or you’ve learned that working out the night before makes for the most productive day. YOU figure out what the best system is FOR YOU… and then stick to it.
  • You have communicated your intention to your staff — they know it’s a Production Day and fully understand what that means.
  • You spend a lot of time teaching. By communicating and explaining, you’re teaching your patients as you’re treating them. You’re also teaching your staff at the same time. Every Production Day is an ongoing tutorial.
  • You are present and fully engaged as you’re talking with your patients, thinking about how to generate referrals or leverage the relationship. You’re stimulating referrals and relationships today… which will add to your income down the road.
  • Vendors have been trained that you’re only available on Planning Days. Even your family knows you’re unavailable on a Production Day.
  • You never have a stack of phone messages to return. Others are — or should be — trained and fully capable of handling MOST of what consumes your time on the phone, so you can be fully present to increase your production.
  • You never go to your desk. Better yet, you don’t even have a desk! It’s a virtual guarantee that the majority of time you spend in your “cave” at the office is on NONproductive tasks, such as paperwork and files. Put the office manager or team leader in charge of “owning” all the paperwork and whatever files the Practice needs — you don’t need them.