Last week we talked about the #1 Way to Double Your Production. If you missed it, definitely go back and check it out before diving into these next steps with us!

There are four essential steps to the PROCESS of doubling your production, beginning with the DECISION to actually do it! Then you have to identify needed resources, and develop the right support team that will help get you to your goal.


Make a list of the resources you think you might need to double your production, such as another assistant, another front desk person, and/or another treatment room. You may not even know at this time, but it’s an important starting point to your plan.

You will of course ask yourself, “Can I afford it?” and “Will it pay for itself?” In both cases, the answer is a resounding YES! You can’t afford NOT to make these kinds of necessary INVESTMENTS to grow your business. Think about the greater return — don’t be shortsighted by thinking only of initial cost.


To double your production, you need the right team in place — people who support your vision, and have the capabilities to help you achieve it. They also need to support YOU as the primary producer in the Practice by forming an effective SUPPORT SYSTEM behind you. The hygienist, the assistant, the therapist, the front desk person are all on the support team that supports doubling the doctor’s production.

Prior to staff training at The U, we send out questionnaires that tell us how well they understand the support function, its importance and significance. Based on thousands and thousands of responses, we know that only 2-3% of support staff members understand their most fundamental role as a support person. This also tells us that very few doctors understand this themselves, and/or have never set clear expectations for their people.

We train staff to understand that the PRIMARY role of each and every support staff member is to SUPPORT the doctor in increasing his productivity. That means they should take every responsibility off the doctor’s plate that doesn’t have to do with the patient. They are there to SUPPORT the doctor in whatever ways he lays out, so he can accomplish his goal — which in this case is to double production. We sell them on the development opportunities — such as, learning to do consultations, and how to handle money. We make sure they understand WHY all this is so important to the doctor AND to them.

The first step in developing a strong support team is to honestly assess the team members you already have. Those who aren’t doing as well as you’d like need to be TAUGHT what they need to do, and how to do it well, and then be held accountable to meet expectations. Then if they can’t get the job done, you move them out of the organization. Either way is a great outcome — you either have a much higher performing staff member, or an opening to fill with someone who will be the kind of support team member you need! Your entire support team must be working at a high level if you want to double your production.

Use incentives to motivate your people. Sell your vision directly to your assistants, for example; ask for their help in achieving and sustaining double the production over the next six months. In return for their support and commitment, offer them each a $1000 bonus the day you, as a team, reach that number! Share the opportunity with your staff and they’ll come through for you. And if they don’t, you will learn they are not the right players for your “double-production team” — which is good to know, so you can fix it!