NEARLY HALF OF ALL SCHEDULING INSTITUTE MEMBERS USE CALL TRACKER TO TRACK THE RESULTS OF THEIR MARKETING and monitor the performance of their staff who answer the phones. So we thought it would be helpful to share the most commonly asked Call Tracker questions. For those who are already using Call Tracker, this should help you use it more effectively. If you’re not already using it, this will help you better understand how it can completely change your marketing…for the better! To get started using Call Tracker in your office today, call (877) 606-3990.

Q: Do I have to listen to every single call that’s recorded in my Call Tracker account?

A: Absolutely not! If you have the Call Review feature, our team of live auditors listens to all of your calls for you and sends you an email each morning summarizing how many calls you received the day before and how many resulted in a Booked Appointment or Not Booked Appointment. If you would like to add Call Review, call us at (877) 606-3990

Q: When I listen to the recorded calls in my account where do I start first?

A: Start by listening to your Not Booked Appointment calls. Those are all missed opportunities that your staff could have scheduled for an appointment each day, but didn’t.

Q: What should I do once I’ve listened to the Not Booked Appointment calls?

A: You have to be quick with this. Assign the missed opportunity calls to a 5-star certified Team Member in your office and tell him/her to call each patient back within 24 hours to schedule an appointment for the patient. Reward the Team Member who saves these opportunities.

Q: How do I use Call Tracker to know how many people to staff my phones with each day and how much phone coverage I need throughout the day?

A: Call Tracker reports your Peak Call Days & Times in the Call Analyzer section of your online account. It shows you what days and what time of day you have the heaviest call volume so you can be sure to put enough people on the phone during those times.  If you need help accessing your online account, call us at (877) 606-3990.