To build a great organization, you need to find great people FIRST… and THEN figure out the best place for them in your organization. That may seem counter-intuitive, but best-selling author Jim Collins wrote a book called Built to Last (that stayed on Businessweek Magazine’s bestseller list for more than six years, mind you!) based on years and years of studying successful companies, and how they sustained their success over time.

Without exception, great companies focus on getting talented people first, and then they focus on what they will be doing. They think about the WHO before the WHAT.

Here are a couple of tried-and-true “rules” you should follow as you go about building a great team:

  1. If you’re in doubt, don’t hire the person. Keep looking. Don’t make a quick hiring decision just because you think you “need” to get the job filled quickly. The job is better left open than filled with the wrong person.
  2. If you need to make a change, do it now. In other words, if you have someone who is consistently underperforming, you can’t just sit on the problem for six months! Handle it quickly by moving them out of your organization ASAP. The only caveat to that is this — make sure you don’t have a good person in the wrong job. Not everyone can be good on the phones, for example — they just can’t get certified, they can’t effectively execute the five elements of a new patient call and “close” on scheduling appointments. If not, get them out of that seat, and do it quickly. If they’ve got the attributes of a talented employee, though, you certainly don’t want to lose them — you just want to find the right spot in the organization for them.
  3. Put your best people on your biggest opportunities. Whatever you have going on within the Practice that are your priorities — those things that will drive your vision — make sure you have your superstars working on them.

Bottom line: getting great talent is the most important part of building… and sustaining… a great business! Wondering what you can do to help build up your team to the rockstars you need to support the vision you have for your Practice? Give us a call and we can help you build a customized training solution for your team — 866-917-2808.