If you want to make next year your BEST YEAR EVER, first you have to DECIDE what that means to you — decide exactly what you want.

If you want more money, write down what that number would be. If you want more time off, write down how much more. If you want a better relationship with your spouse, write down what you want from the relationship, what you would do differently, and how many more date nights you will plan. If you want better relationships with your kids, write down what you will do to get along better, or learn to “speak their language.” If you want to participate more, write down the community project you want to be involved in, or the leadership position in an organization or association that you want to hold.

Unquestionably, your Practice is a very important piece of your life, and it’s designed to produce money. Be sure to combine that with the other aspects, like quality of life and relationships. Sadly, a lot of rich people who have everything they ever wanted admit they are unsatisfied, lonely and depressed. So clearly, money in itself doesn’t guarantee a great year. It’s what you DO with money that’s important… the problems it can solve, and what it allows you to do for your family, your patients, your employees, and your community. Those are the things that bring true satisfaction in life.

If you can just figure out what true satisfaction means FOR YOU, you’ll likely realize it wouldn’t be all that difficult to achieve! You just need to establish that scorecard for yourself.

By the way, literally writing all this down (and keeping it!) is essential. It helps you clarify your thinking so you can more clearly define your goals. It helps you “see or feel yourself in possession of” whatever it will take for you to have your best year ever — to create that mental picture.

So get started on your BEST YEAR EVER by first deciding what it looks and feels like!