Ah, my favorite subject — Marketing! Developing a passion for  dental marketing strategies can make or break your practice growth goals for this year. My last blog post in this series talked about “finding your genius” — that area where your excellence and your passion collide. People in business for ourselves get confronted with this challenge more often than others — is my genius the marketing of my services,… or is it the delivering of services?

As a Practitioner, you were likely drawn to the field either because of the service nature of it, or because you were intrigued with the science of it. But then, many of you realize how much you enjoy talking about what you do, and all the services you provide through your Practice (and not just you personally). You love offering those services to as many people as possible (in other words, generating new patients), and constantly expanding on your services and products. Well, what do you know?! That’s marketing!

For others of you, it literally is the physical act of delivering the service that most excites and stimulates you, and that you’re really good at. You seem to have “magic hands”… or an intuitive sense when working with patients. You love working with them on their treatments and coaching them. You know you’re making an impact on the patient’s life by actually “doing” the clinical work that you do, as expertly as you do it.

And that’s okay! BUT,… and this is a really big but… you still have to have a genius in charge of your marketing. This person should be high up in your organization, and must be great at new business generation — at reaching out and bringing in new patients. You have to find someone as passionate as you are about building your business.

However, here’s another perspective to consider. As a Dentist, Orthodontist, Chiropractor or other professional, you probably feel compelled to “do” what you’ve been trained to “do.” That is, as a Chiropractor, you feel you must be the one adjusting the patient. As a Dentist, you feel you must be the one with your hands in the patient’s mouth. That perspective makes for a very limited vision, since you personally can only see so many patients. Don’t fool yourself into believing delivery is your genius, only because you think it’s supposed to be. As I pointed out before, you can have average success indefinitely by trying to pretend you’re in your genius when you’re not, but you’ll never have significant success or real satisfaction.

To make a quantum leap in the size and profitability of your Practice — and therefore, income and lifestyle — remember that you can hire someone else to see patients… so you can spend more time on big-picture marketing strategies to actually grow your Practice. That way you can work ON your business instead of IN your business. That doesn’t mean you never see patients, it just means you free up a lot of your time to build your business by delivering what patients want from your Practice — not just from you personally.

“Success is a passion for sales.” — Tom Peters

In the case of a Practice, sales equates to marketing your services. To be really successful, you have to be more passionate about marketing your services than you are about delivering them — or you MUST have someone in your organization who is!