Even though great leadership and coaching can fill the talent gap somewhat, your goal should of course be to HIRE the very best players you possibly can. To do that, you MUST have a really good hiring system in place. And if you have to ask “What’s a hiring system?” you obviously don’t have one!

We see that our least engaged clients have little or no hiring process whatsoever in place. They lose out on getting good talent, and constantly upgrading the caliber of their team. Consequently they have all sorts of staff problems — not to mention “business results problems” — that are much more time-consuming and costly to correct down the road. So get a good hiring system… and get it right!

We’ve created and made available a highly effective, turnkey hiring system that you can implement in your office. It will enable you to essentially replicate a hiring process that will result in a higher quality individual better suited to the position. I encourage you to give one of our staff members a call ASAP and get started with it this month!

As for today’s employment marketplace, the good news is that it’s still fairly active. In most markets, there are countless people gainfully employed who would like to make a career change. (And remember, you only want to hire people who are currently employed.) Most people make this decision at the beginning of the year –- often as a New Year’s Resolution! So you’ll receive the most resumes in January because people have had time to look for a new job over the holiday break.

January is the best month to entice someone to make a move from another company to yours. And while it may be too late for this year, put it on your Marketing Calendar NOW to run your employment ads in December 2014, if you find you need people going into 2015.