Many Practice owners come to us thinking their problems are different than mine. But just like you, I’m a working business owner. Some days I coach clients, some days I hold seminars, some days I do all those things necessary to run a profitable, fiscally responsible business, and MOST days I work on making my human capital — a staff of more than 200 employees ­­— the very best it can be!

The biggest (and best!) part of my job is sharing with you what we do that’s successful. We share real-world application that we KNOW WORKS. We’re not giving you theory or ideas that might work — we’re sharing what we’re actually doing in our own business.

We also share what we learn from our clients all over the world, and from the thousands and thousands of people who attend our elite staff training university — The U. We combine what we’re doing, what we’re learning from others, and what is being successfully utilized in practices around.

As part of your membership, we bring all that knowledge and advice to you on monthly CDs, in blogs, through The Practice magazine, in articles and printed booklets. In return, we want you to recognize the inherent value in this information, and utilize it all to build the practice you’ve always dreamed of! That’s what we are here to do, and we want to give you every opportunity to make it happen.

So what are we saying here? We are telling you to BE AN OPPORTUNIST.


We also strongly encourage you to step up your engagement with us in 2014! You may have come to us for the Telephone Training program, but we can help in so many other ways, and with virtually every aspect of your business. Become a participant in one of our coaching programs so that you get more guidance and coaching… which in turn means your people get more coaching from you.

Become a Platinum Member so you gain access to the many “templates” and systems we’ve created — everything from how to hire staff, how to hire associates, how to manage cash flow, how to mange your time efficiently, how to set goals and become successful, how to take more time off with your family, and so much more. These templates have proven successful for literally thousands of clients we’ve taught and coached over the years, AND that we’ve put into practice in our own successful company.

Let us share even more of our experience and expertise with you this year so we can help you, too, improve your Practice… your life… and the lives of those around you!