Here at the Scheduling Institute, we’ve created our own definition for the “haves” and the “have nots”–two very different types of doctors that we see on a daily basis. Each type comes with its own defining characteristics! So… Which one are you? Are you a Have…. Or a Have Not?

Read through each section below and decide how you measure up.

You’re a HAVE if….

-You are a confident leader with a strong vision for the future.

-You have a clear vision of service and encourage your team to serve in the community.

-You invest in the practice, and make investment decisions based on ROI, not on cost.

-You are always building a great team. You invest time, energy and money into training your team members.

-You are always looking for ways to improve your patient experience. You lead a highly patient-centric practice.

-You are revenue focused. You always have long-term and short-term revenue goals.

-You test new limits. You’re always trying new things and tracking your results to determine success.

-You attract and make great patients. You focus on providing excellent patient education!

-You give your team bonuses. You have a system in place to reward each individual, and you think of bonuses as an investment in better results!

-You have margin. You are actively reducing your debt.

If you found yourself putting a mental X or “Nope” next to a lot of those categories, that’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, just take a second to read through what it means to be a Have Not… Having a mental “aha” moment today could be a HUGE opportunity to make some changes and see big results this year!

Are you ready?

You’re a HAVE NOT if….

-You are a weak leader with no vision for the future of your practice.

-You take it one day at a time. You are always in survival mode– reactive rather than proactive.

-You are cheap. You make financial decisions based on COST not on the ROI.

-You think your team isn’t worth the money. You spend little to no money on training your team but you still expect them to produce excellent results.

-You have a self-centered (rather than patient-centric) practice.

-You are cost focused, and you lack revenue goals.

-You have a false idea of success. You fool yourself into thinking you’re doing well without a real grip on your net worth and debt. You aren’t willing to take risks and are driven by fear of rejection and failure.

-You let patients set the rules. You give patients what they think they want rather than what they really need. You also spend little to no money on patient education.

-You don’t give out bonuses or incentives.

-You are struggling financially.


So, taking both sides into consideration… Are you more of a HAVE or a HAVE NOT? Are you somewhere in the middle? What areas do you think you should refocus in order to improve your results and the overall morale of the office?

Leave your ideas in the comment section below!


Make it a 5-Star Day! 🙂

-Your Scheduling Institute Training Team