Have you ever noticed that for some reason, it is usually the most basic AND important concept that the human brain is most likely to forget?

Yes— tracking statistics, focusing on teamwork, streamlining efficiency, and mastering clinical skills are all extremely important, but the MOST important thing to remember (and the area I don’t want you to EVER neglect) is over-delivering on value to the patient.


Every single time you interact with a patient— whether it is a greeting from the front desk or a full cleaning— you should be asking yourself if you are giving them the most mind-blowing experience possible. Here’s the test: are they thinking…”Holy cow! I’ve never been to an office like this before… I’m never going anywhere else”?

Over-delivery should be your #1 priority, but for some of you, it is barely on your radar! Being distracted by work flow is totally understandable, but it is definitely not an excuse. Let’s REFOCUS on the patient experience.

The best way to do that is to engage with a group of excited and dedicated staff members at an On-Site Training! That’s why I’ve decided to start offering OST MAKE UP DATES— so that in case you missed your team’s training, you can still get in on the action!


Remind your doctor that these make up days are being held at the “U” in Atlanta, and that the dates are coming up. Be sure to call us at 866-917-2808 and reserve your seat ASAP if you missed any of these On-Site Training courses:

  • 9/11 ATL- New Patient Experience  (all about ways to over-deliver on value!)
  • 9/18 ATL- Kolbe 1 
  • 9/18 ATL- Hygiene Mix


As I’m sure you realized at your first On-Site Training or “U” course, it is easy to THINK you’re over-delivering every time, but there are always ways to improve. I’ve been in the business of helping dentists for 25 years now, and I still think of new-and-improved ways to do things every day!

(Note: If you don’t recognize that, you are probably the one who needs the MOST improvement.)


This is my personal challenge to you over the Labor Day weekend:

Think of as many creative ways to WOW your patients as you can. Think about using INTENTION to go above and beyond your call of duty, because that’s when the referrals start rolling in… That’s when your office will be jam-packed with QUALITY patients who are a pleasure to be around.


If you think of any WOW-worthy ideas, please comment below and share them with everyone! You’ll be surprised at the unique and creative brainstorming that will occur when you give this challenge your full attention.


Until next time,