Hygiene Departments are definitely areas that are often neglected because Doctors don’t always understand just how significant they can be to increasing production!  Well we want to show you the light! Your Hygienists are HUGE assets to your office, not just because they spend so much time with the patient, but because they are an incredible opportunity for generating additional revenue and growing your practice.

PLUS, your Hygienists are highly talented individuals… and they understand that serving the needs of their patients is of the utmost importance. And our Hygiene U courses provide a whole new outlook on the role that all Hygienists should be playing in patient care. For example, don’t just be limited to what an insurance company covers or doesn’t cover! There are many simple solutions that make a drastic impact on your patient’s oral health that insurance companies have falsely deemed as “unnecessary” or “unimportant.” But you shouldn’t let that dictate your treatment plan for your patient!

Take a look at some of these statistics provided by our very own Clinical Team:

  • Did you know that the average hygiene production is $126 per hour? Or that the average daily production is $1,010? But who wants to be average? Hygienists in our programs have averaged upwards of $300 an hour after our trainings!
  • Downtime in the hygiene schedule typically runs greater than 15%. What people don’t realize is that the loss of 1 hygiene visit per day can be as much as $40,000 yearly!  The goal should be to keep this number under 5%.
  • The CDC states that 47.2% of Americans have gum disease RIGHT NOW! What we see is that most offices bill out for 3-5% of treatment as Active Perio Therapy.  If half of Americans have the disease, why are our treatment numbers so low?
  • Oral Cancer is rising in the 20-30 year old age group. That is the fastest growth of any age group! Hygienists can play a bigger role in educating patients about the risks and warning signs.
  • The ADA recommends that children, adolescents and adults receive in-office fluoride treatments if they have at least 1 risk factor. Are you providing this level of care for your patients?
  • The ADA recommends sealants for children, adolescents and adults where there is a risk of decay, but this isn’t standard procedure in most offices!

If you think your office’s Hygiene department has room to grow, schedule a trip to The U! We’ll teach you how to implement strategies that you can use to increase your production numbers, capitalize on the silent epidemic of gum disease, and ultimately provide better health for your patients!

Jay always says that Hygiene Departments are often neglected and undervalued… well let’s change that! We’ve trained more than 3,000 Dental Hygienists, with many seeing 30% increases in Hygiene Production the very next month. 

Give us a call at 866-917-2808 and we can help you understand what Hygiene Trainings can do for your office!

— The U Team