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Particularly near the beginning of the year, I tend to reflect on concepts — both business-related and personal — that are near and dear to me. This is one I learned earlier in life, and to this day, it’s one I try to live by each and every day.

The concept of stewardship is related to our mantra of “You get what you deserve”— a mentality you need to instill in yourself and your team. The dictionary defines Stewardship as “the activity or the job of protecting and being responsible for something.” Said another way, it means taking care of things.

Let’s face it, you can’t take anything with you when you die. So why not live your life as a good steward — protect and be responsible for everything that’s entrusted to you along the way? That includes your family, your children, your Practice, your employees, your patients, your friends, your money, everything. All of these are entrusted to you for the short time you’re put on this Earth, so you must take them… and the responsibility you have for them very seriously.

If you take any of these things for granted, you’re not being a good steward. If you don’t fully appreciate them all the time, you’re not being a good steward. Do a bit of soul-searching and assess how YOU’RE doing when it comes to showing respect and appreciation for all the things that have come into your life. And do it before it’s too late!