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I LOVE this concept! And I definitely live by it, as my staff will attest. Whenever I “get mad” or frustrated about something at the office, we all know something great is going to come out of it. In fact, I “get all over it” -– almost like pouring alcohol on a wound – because the “burn” helps me get to the breakthrough faster! Allow me to explain….

A frustration is something in your life that creates some pain and discomfort for you. Typically, you’re doing something you don’t want to be doing. Or you’ve experienced an outcome or result you’re unhappy about. Don’t stay in that place. Close your eyes for a few seconds, take a deep breath, and recognize it as a frustration that you don’t want to have again. Then figure out the breakthrough that will eliminate it from your life once and for all! It probably won’t be a “quick fix” or else you would have solved it sooner. It will take some thought and self-diagnosis to identify that breakthrough solution. Then of course you have to FOLLOW THROUGH and actually apply the breakthrough.


Remember, the concept is “frustration leads to breakthrough,” not “have frustrations and then repeat them!” When you experience a frustration, you MUST have a corresponding breakthrough. Don’t ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen, because then it’s guaranteed to happen again… and again… and again. Grasp the concept, develop the habit, and look forward to those breakthroughs.

So what happens if you stay in frustration or constantly repeat them? You end up in a rut. Ruts can be awfully hard to get out of, so they can go on for years. Learn to self-diagnose and find the breakthroughs that will get you out of there. Model this behavior for your staff, and just watch how quickly they learn to do the same thing, and find all sorts of breakthrough solutions to office issues!