We hear this from clients ALL THE TIME: “I didn’t realize how bad my other person was until I replaced her with a truly great person! I wish I had done it as soon as you pointed it out!”  

We talk a lot about the need to continuously improve your team by making changes to your Practice… and then to your team. Many clients resist at first because they think their current team is so good. It’s only when they go back to the office and try to implement some new things they’ve learned that they realize how uncooperative some of their team members are when it comes to embracing change.

Inevitably, a team member or two resigns (or resists to the point of actually getting fired) and has to be replaced. Provided new people are hired using our tried-and-true hiring system that ensures you get great people, the new team member will be someone who is enthusiastic, receptive to your goals, and a pleasure for everyone to work with. Only THEN will you realize just how detrimental the other person was in terms of building a truly great team dedicated to working with you on building a truly great Practice.

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Maybe you have some people who are good, and others who are just okay. Or maybe you think you have a GREAT team! Here’s how to find out –- make some changes. Then refuse to live in a state of compromise on the engagement of your team.

Start by being honest with yourself about your own engagement. Like it or not, the engagement level of your staff is a direct reflection of your engagement. The only people who tolerate unengaged employees are typically unengaged owners, unengaged doctors, unengaged leaders. Conversely, if you step up YOUR engagement, you force others around you to step up theirs. Your team is a mirror reflection of yourself.

An important caveat is that the team won’t change “on a dime” just because you do. You’ll need to give them some time, which may be hard for some of you. But it’s worth the patience, because developing a really great team is great for your business… and your life!