A while back, I decided that I really wanted a Japanese maple in my yard. They’re beautiful trees—they’ve got these stunning, deep red-colored leaves. So, I had one planted. Unfortunately, my landscaper had no clue how to manicure it. It grew into a bushy, awkward tree with limbs going in every which direction. It was definitely not the beautiful tree I’d envisioned…


But, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” right? So, I planted another Japanese maple, and I hired a new landscaper. He cleaned up the bottom of it, trimmed the top into a dome… Long story short, it looks epic. Exactly how I wanted it.


Well, what’s the big difference? They’re both Japanese maples… Same bright red leaves, same bark… But one is this well manicured, well watered, well trained work of art and the other one is all over the place.

Can you guess where I’m going with this?


Your team is a lot like a Japanese maple. They have the potential to be a super weapon that achieves unbelievable results… In fact, you aren’t even aware of how great they could be if you invested enough time and energy into them.

Unfortunately, when a tree (or a team) isn’t properly taken care of, it starts getting attacked by weeds. I used to see these long, green, twisty weeds sticking out of my tree and wonder how long it would take the gardener to pluck them out. Eventually, if he didn’t, that green weed would choke out the beautiful Japanese maple.

And the same thing goes for your team. If you’ve got a team member who you know is toxic to the rest of your team, and they spread negativity and pull everyone down and refuse to do anything you say… You’ve got to get them out. That’s all there is to it.

Here’s something you need to understand. Yes, your team is one of your biggest overhead costs…


But they are also your biggest asset. There is no such thing as overspending on your team. Actually, the amount of training I used to think was necessary is grossly less than what is actually necessary to reach your full potential. When I visit the offices of my most engaged and successful clients, they are investing enormous amounts of time and money on training their teams and their results just keep getting better and better. Do you want to know the best part? There’s no cap on it! You can keep training and training and training… And you’ll keep seeing a bump—or even a spike—in your results!

If you’ve tried training your team in the past and you haven’t seen a bump in your results, I’d like to make a suggestion. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your Japanese maple… Maybe you just need to hire a different landscaper! My team and I are devoted to building and training teams all around the world. We are specialists in maximizing your human capital and giving them the tools they need to produce unbelievable, staggering results for your practice! So if you are ready to see some big, positive changes, call 866-917-2808 and ask about scheduling an On-Site training for your team!


Talk to you soon,


Jay Geier