You’ve probably heard the term accountability float around a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Accountability can be tracking your goals, so you are holding yourself accountable to where you stand. Or sharing your daily goals with someone else, so they can check in with you on how it is going!

There are lots of different ways to add a dose of accountability in your life. So what does accountability mean to you? Brainstorm a list of areas that you can add more accountability to… basically anything you have a goal for should also have built in accountability as well.

While being accountable ultimately means being held responsible for the actions you’ve taken, let’s think past that for a little bit. It’s easy to get caught up in your routine of tasks and activities, so easy that you might overlook exceptional ways for making your processes smoother and more efficient. Finding those solutions is another way that you can make sure you’re planning your time properly, and using your time efficiently to produce the best result possible… basically building in accountability to make sure you’re managing your time wisely! 

You should be constantly looking for ways to make the practice operate more effectively, and what easier way to do that then optimize your own personal tasks? Write down everything you do in a work week, and see what tasks you spend the most time on. Brainstorm with others for ways to cut down time spent in these areas, so that you can spend your time focusing on ways to grow the practice. Then hold yourself (and others) accountable to being smart with your time!

On a more personal level, make sure that you’re always taking the time to learn how other people’s processes work. Finding out how others operate and making sure you’re on the same page with everyone in the office is a great way to build a reputation as a valuable and accountable Team Member. Constantly look for ways you can assist your Team Leaders so that they can focus on big picture projects, and make sure new hires are properly trained. If you’re delegating a duty to a newer employee, make sure they’re the right ones to get the job done. It’s in the best interest of the practice to make sure the job is done well… we call that “the greater good” at the Scheduling Institute.

The U prides itself on helping hold your team accountable for their contribution to the practice’s growth, but we need you to hold yourselves accountable as well. So schedule some time for yourself this week, and ask yourself, “What does accountability mean to you?”