Since the rise of social media, we’ve all seen some pretty beautiful homemade halloween costumes, flowered cupcakes, and epic ideas for how to entertain your kids–from fantastical photo shoots to magical bedroom decor. But along with these celebrated successes, we’ve also seen a rise of horrendous and–dare we say it– Darwin Award worthy fails… Which is why we’ve decided to compile a list of the 8 things you should never try to “DIY”….


1) DIY Hillbilly Hot Tub

Something tells us that even Bo Duke would find this a little TOO “hazzard”ous.




2) DIY Complicated Cookies

The only safety issue here is the assault on our eyes, but if there’s one thing Pinterest has taught us about baking… It’s this: stick to the simple ideas.



3) DIY Tattoo

It’s a permanent message on your body that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. ‘Nuff said.

fail4 fail5


4) DIY Natty Shower Head

You probably need to start questioning your life decisions when your shower water is trickling through an aerated beer can.




5) DIY Landing an Airplane

Unless you happen to be a pilot-doctor extraordinaire (in which case, hats off to you!) then you should stay out of the cockpit in general. I mean, just look at this mess.



6) DIY Face Altering Cosmetic Surgeries


Can you spot it?! The best cosmetic surgery FAILS from around the globe.


7) DIY Home Renovations with some Electric Innovation

When electricity is involved, it’s better not to get TOO creative. While we all appreciate some modern day Macgyvering, please don’t endanger your life in the process.



8) DIY Team Training

While you are probably a kick butt dentist or orthodontist, we think it’s safe to say that you never took a course in team training. But that’s okay… Because we have! This is one more “DIY” that’s better left to the experts. It’s not that your team doesn’t love you… We just know they will get a lot out of the expert strategies that our trainers have implemented in over 10,000 trainings worldwide!! So what are you waiting for?

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