When you get home from work…what do you do?

When you think about your peer’s success…you know, the doctor down the street who seems to be just killing it…you think about the strategies and behaviors that that doctor exemplifies at work during the 9-5 hours.

What they do when they get home, in the car, away from the office doesn’t cross your mind… but it should.

How these doctors spend their “free time” can actually have a major impact on their success in their Practice.

7 Ways Successful Doctors Spend Their Time Outside of the Practice:

  1.  THEY EXERCISE. Physical exercise is important for overall health.  Taking just half an hour before of after work will get your blood and endorphins flowing.  PLUS, this allows for 30 minutes of listening to material that will allow them to grow their Practice (instead of talk radio or music)!
  2. THEY READ OR LISTEN TO MATERIAL THAT WILL HELP THEM GROW THEIR PRACTICE.  During their exercise time…or drive to and from home, these Doctors listen to material that will turn into money, not material that turns into nothing.  Over 930 doctors own Jay Geier’s Event-chilada (over 127 hours of Practice Building Content) and listen to it regularly.
  3. THEY TAKE CLASSES OR GO TO EVENTS.  Not only are these doctors fulfilling their CE commitments, they are also attending workshops and events on business growth strategies and how to build their net worth NOT just on their clinical skills.
  4.  THEY GIVE BACK TIME AND/OR MONEY.  No matter how you give – time or money, this is good for your community.  Volunteering and giving is an important networking experience that can build your patient base. ALSO, giving, gives these Doctors purpose…why do they want to make more? So they are able to give more.
  5. THEY NETWORK. Many networking opportunities lie outside of the typical 9-5 schedule. Whether it is at their volunteering activity or practice building event, they network to meet like-minded doctors that are also focused on being successful.  They surround themselves with others that want to make themselves better and improve, and not those that are fine with the way things are. Successful people are willing to step out of the day to day to meet new people.
  6. THEY INVEST. Time and Money into themselves and their Practice and their team.  They are aware that smart investments come with a return. And it’s always a smart investment to put time and money BACK into your Practice!
  7. THEY MAKE TIME FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  There are other things that are important in your life than just your job. If you want to be successful you have to learn how to prioritize your personal relationships.

WHICH ONE OF THESE CAN YOU DO THIS WEEK? You don’t have to spend every second of your free time doing one of these items, but picking up some of the strategies will improve your abilities, your mindset and your level of success in your practice.
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