In the world of marketing, social media is the new, popular kid on the block. Up until the past decade, online marketing was limited to paid advertisements and business websites… but now, the line between entertainment, personal connections, and business networking is slowly becoming blurred. While there are obvious advantages AND disadvantages to this, one thing is clear: you need to learn the RULES, and how to play the game.


First, let’s review the different social media sites and how each one can be specifically leveraged…


Twitter: A brief, daily update for your followers (in 140 characters or less) that helps to keep them engaged


Linkedin: A professional social network perfect for highlighting your credibility and business connections


Instagram: A visual portal into the personal culture of your business using photos and video clips


Facebook: A one-stop-shop! Share statuses, slogans, news updates, photos, videos, links, and more to interact with your followers on every level


Now, let’s review some tips on how to keep your social media pages current, fresh, and appealing…


1)   Update your content regularly. Facebook has changed its newsfeed algorithm— what this means for YOU is that fewer followers are seeing your posts… and they are seeing them less and less. However, this does NOT mean you should stop updating! Keep your page active to maximize your visibility on the newsfeed.


2)   Post content that engages your followers/viewers. Whether you are asking thought provoking questions, posting eye-grabbing pictures, or sharing intriguing stories— put effort into making your posts memorable.


3)   Include your social media info on brochures, business cards, fliers, etc. This is the 21st century. Even if you aren’t thrilled about it, social media is the current king of marketing.


4)   Share a more personal side of your practice by showing your team members involved in the community. If your team is socially active or involved in volunteer work, be sure to highlight that on your page! People WANT to give their business to people they like.


5)   Hold exciting contests on your social media pages. See how many “likes” a post can get, or have people answer a question for a chance to win cool prizes. The more that you get people INVESTED in interacting with your pages, the more views your page will acquire.


6)   Out with the old and boring! Be playful and different with your posts. Don’t be afraid to be goofy— goofy is totally acceptable, especially on social media!


7)   Lastly, find ways to frequently highlight individual patients. Whether it is showing off your practice’s “smile of the month” or the kids that showed up to last week’s ice cream social, post some photos (captioned with names if possible) because people LOVE to feel special.


Social media is necessary to maintain an engaged patient base, but don’t expect to make DIRECT SALES from social media. Instead, aim for engaging your patients, promoting your Practice and team, asking for reviews and testimonials, and generating referrals.

We would be happy to discuss more specific social media strategies with you! Call our team at 866-917-2808 and learn how to maximize your leverage of online marketing.