We came up with 7 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR OFFER MOTIVATE OTHERS TO RESPOND which you can use in your marketing. This will help you create winning offers that produce results!

1. THE OFFER HAS TO BE UNDERSTANDABLE. Don’t overcomplicate what it is you’re trying to portray to your audience. You want to be extremely clear about the BENEFIT they are receiving. Ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?” If you’re confusing and have too many messages, it muddles the communication — leaving your reader doing nothing! Always remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

2. ALWAYS STATE THE KNOWN VALUE. If you’re giving away a car or an iPad, they have a “known” value,” but if you are talking about a dental service, product or other item, make sure you make the value known! This allows your audience to fully understand what kind of offer or “deal” they are receiving. Think about it, when you buy something, don’t you want to know the overall value before making a decision? It’s the same concept.

3. INCLUDE A PREMIUM OR DISCOUNT. This is key — it’s what could push your audience to take action. Whether it’s “first exam at no charge” or “50% off for the first 7 to respond” — either option is fine to use in marketing offers, but definitely test both to see which works best for you.

4. INCLUDE THE REASON FOR THE OFFER. Your readers want to know WHY you are offering what you’re offering. It provides peace of mind, acceptance, and sometimes even forgiveness. If you’re starting to introduce a new product line, you could tell your audience you want to offer the very best service for all patients and run a prelaunch campaign. If you’re currently accepting New Patients, you could tell them you’ve recently added new staff to the Practice. Sometimes, your audience may stop believing all your marketing – give them a reason to believe you!

5. MAKE THE OFFER TIME DATED. Most people will act sooner with an actual deadline. Some people put things off because they have to think about it, research more, etc. But if the offer is dated, it gives them a concrete deadline to take action!

For example, “This Week Only!” or “Offer Expires on December 31st!” — it lets your audience know when they need to respond by and keeps your piece out of the “think about it” pile.

6. HAVE A STRONG CALL TO ACTION. We’ve seen some great offers – with NO REAL CALL TO ACTION. You have to tell your audience HOW to respond… for example, “Call This Number” or “Respond By Fax Today.” Not only does the person know exactly how to take action, there needs to be a sense of urgency as well.

7. CREATE A STRONG GUARANTEE OR REASSURANCE. This reassures readers of WHY they are responding to your offer. Restate the benefit they are receiving. How many times have you gone to purchase something, only to put it back at the last minute? There are so many reasons going through your head to not buy the product… unless there is another reason you SHOULD right before the purchase.

A “100% patient satisfaction” or “money back guarantee” are really strong reassurances for anyone that might be a little skeptical. It also makes your offer — or what you’re selling — that much more believable.