Send out a PATIENT NEWSLETTER regularly

If you’re not already sending out a patient newsletter, start immediately!  Don’t let creating it be the reason you don’t do it.  There are lots of companies who will put a newsletter together for you.  The magic of a patient newsletter is that it gives you a way to leverage yourself and spread your reach.  When you mail out a newsletter to a thousand people with a picture of you and your office on it, you’ll be showing up in front of a thousand people that day without having to physically see them.  In every single newsletter you send out there should be several things that ask for referrals and promote your referral program. At minimum do a newsletter every other month.

MARKET YOUR REFERRAL PROGRAM throughout your office

In addition to asking, one of the easiest ways to stimulate referrals is to show that referrals are greatly appreciated in your practice.  Advertise it throughout your office.  Put signs in places you know people will see them – the waiting room, on the check-in/check-out counter, by the magazines, in the restroom, on the complimentary beverage table. Take it another step and tie balloons to the signs to draw more attention.

Run REFERRAL CONTESTS with your patients

You should always have a referral contest running.  This contest can be held over a 30-90 day time period depending on what you prefer. We 
have clients that do one every month and are bringing in 20-40 referrals extra each month. Prizes can stay the same or rotate, just base the 
prize on your clientele. For kids, prizes like a bicycle or gaming system are popular. TVs, iPads and 
laptops work really well for almost everyone.

GIFT your current patients

The Law of Reciprocity says that “people try to repay what another person has provided to them.” Begin a simple gifting process to acknowledge your patient’s existence so they know who you are and that you appreciate them. The gift can be small – a coffee mug, workout bag, hat, etc.  Don’t get wrapped up in the item or the cost. Just a small token of appreciation will have a bigger impact than you think. Whatever gift you give, the patients will give back to you tenfold. So never, ever hesitate to gift your patients.

Present every new patient with a WELCOME LETTER & GIFT

The welcome letter & gift is to be handed to the new patient when they physically come in for the first appointment.  Don’t hand it over the counter, walk around to the front of the counter or walk it over to them if they are sitting in the waiting room and say, “Mrs. Jones, on behalf of Dr. Smith and our team we want you to know how glad we are that you chose us.  Make yourself at home and let me know if you need anything.”  The letter inside should say something similar, briefly explain the referral program and ASK for a referral. The letter should actually be signed by the doctor – this will take a few extra minutes but make a huge impression.  Again, the gift can be small. It’s not the gift but the act of giving the gift that creates the WOW factor.


REMEMBER Every time a patient walks into your office, you should visualize a line of people standing behind that person – all their friends and family.   And realize that chances are your patient has some level of influence over those people. So as a strategy, you should be doing everything within your power to get them to refer at least three or four of those people. And don’t forget to both implement these solutions and track their success rates so you can improve you patient experience and, as a result, increase your patient referrals.

-Your Scheduling Institute Team