When was the last time you actually got excited about going to a meeting? “Woohoo! A meeting! It’ll be great!” Yeah… Chances are, it’s been a while—if ever.

That’s why today, we’re going to briefly review meeting structure and discuss how to hold meetings that your entire team will look forward to!

At the Scheduling Institute, the beginning of the month is our meeting time as teams, departments, and as an entire company. It’s our chance to take a step back, get out of the office, and assess our progress. We ask ourselves questions like: “How far have we come?” and “Where are we going?” We zero in on missed opportunities and lessons.

Our meeting rooms for each department are called War Rooms. These rooms are decked out with action items, statistics, and specific department goals. In addition to these department meetings, we also have monthly all-employee meetings. We’ve learned a lot about what makes a great meeting from how Jay manages these meetings. Implement the following 6 tips to make YOUR team’s meetings more impactful (and a lot more fun!)


 1) Acknowledgements

During your meeting, be sure to give shout outs to individual employees! Who stood out this month? Did anyone (or any department) go above and beyond? Additionally, are there any new employees to introduce?


2) Re-sell your vision.

At each large company meeting, you should be reiterating one point… Why are you doing this? As the owner (and leader) of your company, it’s essential that you come to each meeting ready to re-sell the vision, sell any new changes to the vision, or just make sure you’re on the same path that you had originally thought. Keep the team involved and make sure you are all on the same page!


3) Make it an experience!

At the Scheduling Institute, our all-employee meetings have evolved over the years… We’ve changed locations. Jay gives out SWAG gifts to the whole team! We’ve added catered breakfasts. Team members share moving stories—both personal and professional. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to!


4) Get the team involved.

Rather than have essentially the same meeting from month-to-month, Jay is always changing up the meeting agenda and includes guest speakers. Each meeting is a different presentation, and it always keeps us on our toes! No one at the Scheduling Institute ever dreads an all-employee meeting or whines about going… We genuinely enjoy these presentations and learning opportunities!


5) Connect to personal life.

Connect your team’s work to their personal lives. Ask yourself… How can their professional goals and opportunities allow them to meet their personal goals and opportunities? You want this meeting to be relevant to them on multiple levels in order to increase your impact.


6) Give them a journal.

Give them a nice journal and let them know that you expect them to take notes during the meeting. What are the company’s current goals? Any changes? What is the vision? As the leader of your team, YOU need to set the precedent! For instance, Jay has told us that he expects us to bring our black journals to each meeting and to take notes on the material he covers! This shouldn’t be a “day off”—it should be a day of extreme mental engagement!



Take it from one of our team members… “If you’re in meeting after meeting after meeting.. It can get very dull and dry and stale. You can get “meeting’d out”. But when Jay is leading a meeting, it’s fun. It’s creative. It’s innovative—and you always leave with specific action items.”

Sarah Kersting


So, what changes are you going to make to your meeting structure? Which of these tips can you start implementing to get your whole team excited and engaged about team meetings? Share your own ideas in the comment section below!!!



Make it a 5-Star week!


-The Scheduling Institute Member Services Team