I’m sure you already know that increasing patient compliance (getting your patients to say “YES” to treatment) is a HUGE opportunity to grow your practice.

But does your team possess the necessary skills and knowledge needed to turn any patient into a “YES” patient?

If they’ve never been trained on appropriate verbiage to use, how to recognize buying signals, and overcome patient objections, then your practice is flushing money-making opportunities down the drain.

Think about this… a new patient visits your office for the first time. They are interested in a certain product, but the message is never relayed to you. This happens on a daily basis in many practices, and it is an enormous missed opportunity. Even if you have a patient ready and willing to buy, there are still obstacles to overcome. You’ve got to convince the patient that they’re making the right choice. And getting a patient to commit to treatment can be surprisingly tricky…

Here are the TOP 6 obstacles to patient compliance–so you and your team can learn them and figure out how to overcome each one!







Every single one of these obstacles has a SOLUTION for overcoming it. For example…

If budget is the reason that your patient isn’t moving forward, you should be talking to the patient about a guarantee, the end result, or available payment options. Your goal is to make the transition for the patient as seamless as possible—so that they’ll say “YES” to the treatment they want and need.

If you and your team are struggling with verbiage to use, then let us come help you. One of our Certified Trainers will spend one day at your office training everyone on what specific, research-backed verbiage to use, how to overcome each one of the six obstacles listed, how to recognize buying signals, how to decide what the patient truly needs… and TRIPLE your “YES!” patients!

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Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and are ready to focus and buckle down this week! Make every day your BEST day yet!

-The Scheduling Institute Team