No one wakes up in the morning with the goal of being mediocre! And no one dreams of building a business that is “just kind of okay.” You would never want to get dressed up for an event and look your worst. So why would you make a vision for your practice that is ANYTHING but THE BEST?!

If you want to be the best of the best, you have define what that means for YOU and YOUR PRACTICE. So what does it mean to be the “best practice” in your defined area? It means you have the best patient care… the best services… the best staff… the best staff benefits… the best facilities… the best technology… the best hours… the best location… and you deliver the best total experience compared to what the patient can get anywhere else in your defined area.

Once you set the vision, your staff must be able to execute toward your vision, never forgetting that being the best means through the eyes of your patients, not their own. Strike a chord with your patients — give them more than they pay for — and you are virtually guaranteed to build a profitable and thriving Practice, based on referral after referral after referral!

You can’t do everything at once, so move toward your vision in stages. Determine what “best” looks like in your area by accurately gauging what others are doing. Then start by going after things that no one else does well. Become the best at those things, then go after more pieces of the vision.

To see great visions at work and to get ideas, go to well-known “best” businesses outside the dental industry. See what the place looks like, watch how customers are treated, and how staff behave. You will see that everything is nicer and done better than their lower-priced competitors. Clearly, they have invested a lot more in the business, and can therefore charge higher rates. The customer gets more for their money, so it’s a better value proposition.

Here are a few thought-starters to get you thinking about how to be THE BEST!

The Best Staff (Human Capital)
A best office requires the best staff. For example:

  • They are the highest caliber talent. You provide the best opportunities, training and development, but also set the highest expectations. You are the fastest to dismiss people who don’t live up to those expectations. You have a reputation for being a prestigious place to work; people are especially proud to land a job at your Practice!
  • They are highly trained and do their jobs extremely well. They say exactly the right things to every patient who comes into, and leaves the office. Patients leave thinking your staff was “Fantastic!”
  • They reflect the healthcare field by being “healthy-looking,” and they smile!

The Best Culture
Your office culture and environment is pleasant, stress-free, even fun! Co-workers complement each other’s capabilities, genuinely like each other and build friendships.

The Best Facilities (Space & Equipment)
Your space is nicer, bigger, more fun, has more amenities… it’s “better” than any other in the area.

The Best Marketing
Your advertising and marketing reflects the vision for your Practice: you have the best staff, the best facilities, the best products and services.

The Best Patients
You genuinely like your patients. You choose not to cater to patients who are high maintenance or demanding or whiny, or who have unrealistic expectations and are never satisfied. You have your staff simply take them off the list!

Never forget that it is your patients who will determine if you are succeeding at being the best. You will know it by what they say, and by the referrals they send to you!