Jay invests in himself, his family, his business, his clients and his employees on a daily basis! Our company’s Human Capital is always growing and improving due to his passionate implementation of company values, a solid leadership team, hiring the right employees, placing the right people in the right jobs and clearly discussing the company’s vision. When you build an engaged team, they are able to stay focused on the long-term vision for your practice!


We invest in our employees by providing training opportunities, morning huddle focus time, monthly All Employee Meetings, team building activities and contests that will create a win-win for everyone! Currently, SI employees are competing to win a FREE JEEP! Jay is intentional about everything he does and it is our responsibility to hold one another and ourselves accountable. He re-evaluates his dream team every quarter and if you are in the bottom 10%, you and your Team Leader make a plan to fix it… or you no longer have the privilege of working for the Scheduling Institute! It’s just that simple.

So here are 5 WAYS TO BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM that we use here at the Scheduling Institute:

  1. Hire using the Right Fit and set Core Values for your office, and make sure anyone you add to your team lives up to those Core Values as well!
  2. Communicate and delegate by using the strengths and talents assessment. Just like every patient IS different, every employee IS different!
  3. Put systems in place that will hold employees accountable.
  4. Every quarter, train your Human Capital! It’s important to invest in continuing education for your team.
  5. Set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals to keep your team focused and engaged. Always set your team up for success and celebrate wins!

And, to play Devil’s Advocate, here are the 5 TRAITS THAT WILL DESTROY YOUR DREAM TEAM:

  1. Absence of trust
  2. Fear of conflict
  3. Lack of commitment
  4. Avoidance of accountability
  5. Inattention to results

If you need any assistance building your dream team, setting core values, training your Human Capital, creating a vision for your practice, or if you just want to bounce some ideas off of our experts… give us a call — 866-917-2808!