The top 1% of society’s most successful people didn’t achieve success by accident. The truth is, these people have developed intentional habits and perspectives that have allowed them to surpass their peers. They have mastered the rules of making money

But why let them have all the fun?!

 I’ve created a step-by-step guide that will give you a brand new perspective on success and expose the secrets of society’s top 1%. If you’re wondering whether these principles really work, the answer is YES! Over a three-year period, this top 1% is capable, on average, of DOUBLING their income… and their free time!


Here’s my advice. Learn everything you can about what the world’s most successful people are doing, and use it to reassess and change your life for the better—what you do, why you do it, how you do it, and how it relates to your business and quality of life.


1) Work Smarter and Shorter

The top 1% learns not only to “Work smarter, not harder” but also to “Work smarter AND shorter!” Working longer and harder does NOT allow your brain to do its best work. When you put in lots of hours, day-in and day-out, week after week, month after month, year after year, you inevitably get run down. And the more run down you become, the less creative and innovative you are. (This has been proven in studies, time and time again.)

You may feel like you’ve worked a lot because you put in a lot of hours, but none of them were full-speed, with maximum productivity or impact. In order to maximize your Practice’s growth, you need to cut back your hours at the office and refocus your time on high-payback activities.


2) Self-Assess

If you’re serious about wanting to make a quantum leap from where you are today, you have to “pop the hood” and do some honest self-assessment. Ask yourself:

-Just what IS my dream, my vision?

-What is the quantum leap I want to make?


Based on those two answers:

-Where do I stand now?

-What’s working?

-What’s not working?

-Where are the biggest opportunities?


Now, based on your answers, DEVELOP A PLAN. Chances are, your initial vision was to start a practice, become very successful, and retire young to spend time doing things you enjoy. Unfortunately, very few people achieve this dream because very few ever PUT A PLAN in place to bring all that to fruition. It’s never too late to get back on track with your vision—to something even bigger and better—based on what you know about yourself today.


3) Think Huge

To “think huge” means to think beyond anything you’ve ever done. Think about goals you don’t know HOW to achieve. Think “what if I could add a zero to my income over the next 36 months?” THIS is what differentiates the mega-successful. The most successful people also surroundthemselves with other huge thinkers who help push them beyond their comfort zone—beyond their own limiting beliefs of what they’re capable.


4) Set Goals

Goals and success are virtually synonymous. Yet many, if not most, people make several key mistakes when setting goals:

• Their goals aren’t big enough to inspire them to use all of their potential.

Huge goals have huge rewards, which is huge motivation. The OPPOSITE is true of small goals.

• They believe success should be incremental, versus quantum, so they ONLY set small goals.

• They never write their goals down.


But now that you’re ready to think huge, you’re ready to RETHINK YOUR GOALS. First, ask yourself this question…

“What are all the things I’d want to accomplish before I die IF I HAD ALL THE MONEY I NEEDED TO DO IT?”

The answers to this powerful question will help you identify the goals that you should set for the rest of your life.


Once you’ve written down your lifetime goals, start working backwards. Let’s figure out what you need to start doing NOW to get where you want to be in thirty years.

• Write down goals for the next three years; the top five things that you must accomplish over the next 36 months to stay on track with your lifetime goals.

• Now, write down the 12 quarterly goals; the top milestones you must accomplish each quarter to stay on track with your three-year goals

If you break it down like this, and have a trusted person helping to hold you accountable, you will be ASTOUNDED at what you can accomplish in the next 36 months… and the 36 after that, and so on!


At the Scheduling Institute, we are firm believers that “success is not an accident” and we want to get you to WAKE UP. Are you ready to make the CHOICE to change your life, and start working towards all the things that you want to achieve? Call 866-917-2808 to talk to one of my team members about how to get started, or take your commitment to the next level.


Until next time,


Jay Geier