If you want to grow your practice, you have to do some marketing. Period. On second thought, let’s call that a semi-colon, because it bears repeating: If you want to grow your practice, you have to do some marketing. The following are 4 key principles that you’ll need to conquer in order to take your practice’s marketing to the next level.

Start with the ones you’re most comfortable with and/or have time for, then keep adding more to your marketing repertoire. Be sure to leverage other resources to help execute, like your staff and outside service companies. Use your resources to implement these items, and you’ll see a great return on your investments!

Principle 1: Send out a Monthly CD or newsletter
Do a CD every month for your patients. The topic could be on a certain procedure, a contest, education, health, updates, etc. It gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with your patients, show up in their everyday life. It also lets them see you in a different light — what other doctor sends their patients a CD? NONE! It also gives your patient the opportunity to pass that CD off to someone else. The key is CONSISTENCY. If monthly sounds too scary, then do it bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to start. Just choose a frequency and commit to it! Don’t have a recording studio? No problem! Google and you’ll find one and it’s actually rather inexpensive. Patient development and relationship building is important — and this is the cutting edge way to accomplish this task.

Principle 2: Be an Expert
 You definitely know more then they do…so act like it.   Don’t be afraid to be an expert. Its can be easy.  Start off with a small group, you can be the leading expert in your on your block.  Think about your profession, it’s hard to be the expert when there are millions of practitioners around the world… but it’s not hard to start with being the expert in your town. Just present your self as the “go to” expert — one easy way to do this is to write an article in a magazine or newspaper.

Principle 3: Send Direct Mail
There’s couple of things about direct mail.  Direct mail is more costly but it creates more quality people typically. Direct mail people are going to be pretty good quality person is cost more to get so just remember that in general.  Conversion rate can be significantly better with direct mail. So you get a better return on your marketing investment.  To get ideas, if someone sends something to your home or offices that catch your eye, save it and create a file of ideas you can pull from.

Principle 4: Stop Worrying About What People Think About You
This is difficult to do.  Many of you will not do it.  But, Stop worrying about what people think.  So with every last marketing piece that you send you have to stop worrying about what people think okay. Trust what you know works!

If you’re not sure what YOUR next step should be for marketing your practice, let us help you make a customized plan to suit the needs of your practice! Call us today and we can make a plan that will work for your practice — 866-917-2808!