Sometimes, getting your patients engaged and educated can be trickier than balancing a two-headed rhino on a suspended tightrope. The only solution is clear, effective, and–this is so important–consistent communication. To help you become a master of communication, we (the Scheduling Institute Marketing team) have compiled three of our FAVORITE marketing strategies… And we’re excited to share them with you!

Are you ready? Let’s get started.


1) Send out a monthly CD.

Do a CD every month for your patients. The topic could be on a specific procedure, a referral contest, health education, tips, updates, etc. It gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with your patients, and show up in their everyday life. It also lets them see you in a different light… Because what other doctor sends their patients a CD? NONE! Perhaps most importantly, this also gives your patients the opportunity to pass the CD off to someone else. The key is CONSISTENCY. If a monthly CD sounds too scary, then do it bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to start. Just choose a frequency and commit to it! Don’t have a recording studio? No problem! Do a Google search and you’ll find a recording studio and it’s actually rather inexpensive. Patient development and relationship building is important — and this is the cutting edge way to accomplish this task.


2) Send out video emails.

Instead of just sending a plain old email, spice it up with a video! EVERYONE in the office can make a video that could be sent out to your patients. Hygienists can make a video out to all the patients who haven’t come in for their recare appointments — like something funny about the top reasons why patients don’t come back in! You–the doctor– can make a video that discusses your appreciation for your patients or invites them to a Patient Appreciation Event. Front Desk Staff can make a video about the contest you have going on this month in the office. The options are endless! Why should you send a video? First off, it’s just like being there in person, except you don’t have to be there. Secondly, you create it once, and get to re-use it over… And over… And over!! And finally, it allows you to communicate to the masses. Try to figure out how to do things and multiply the delivery! There’s no better way to communicate with your full patient list! And remember….these aren’t all things you must do alone! Always think, “Who could do this for me?”, “Who could help me with this?”, or “Is there a vendor who can make this more efficiently?” YOU AREN’T ALONE!


3) Create Webcasts or Teleseminars.

Similar to sending out video emails, this strategy also puts you “in front of” the patient. YOUR MISTAKE is that you think that your patients know everything that you do! Many of your patients actually don’t understand the solutions that you are presenting to them– in short, they need more information. They need to be educated! A great delivery method for this is through a Webcast or Teleseminar. A Webcast is just a video they play on their computer. A Teleseminar is an audio recording for them to listen to. But you’re able to tell the story, express emotion, SEND THEM THE STORY, and give them enough information to make a highly-informed decision. You must figure out how to communicate with your patients!! Need ideas on things you could do a Webcast or Teleseminar about?

Examples…. Invisalign, Gum Disease Treatments, Root Canal Procedures, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Whitening, Periodontal Disease, Benefits of DRX, Sealants, or Braces!!


So, those are the first three highly-effective marketing tips. You can use a combination of these strategies each month or, if that sounds overwhelming–considering using them in rotation! We look forward to hearing about your results. Your patients will LOVE these new masterful methods of communication!


Have a great weekend!

-The Scheduling Institute Marketing Team