It’s the last day of Q1, and that means TWO things:

1) Put your head down and work, work, work! Even if it feels like your goals are still a mile away, you’ll feel much better if you end the Quarter strong. Knock out as much of your To-Do list as possible. Remember, PROGRESS is much more important than PERFECTION…

2) At the end of the day, take five minutes and reflect on Q1 of 2015. Did you have any big successes? Any big failures? What did you learn from those failures, and how will you use those lessons going into Q2?

3) Give yourself (and your whole¬†team) a big pat on the back!¬†Doctors– consider ordering lunch or sending out a few thank you notes. We’re willing to bet that even if you didn’t reach every single goal, you still made some significant improvement, and learned a lot in the process! Make sure you are taking time to celebrate the successes of the first Quarter with your team.


Please feel free to share a win or a lesson in the comments below! We want to make this site a community of learning, progress, and celebration for you.



Your Scheduling Institute Team