One of the biggest challenges in most dental offices is the all mighty schedule! So, how seriously does each team member take the schedule and who is responsible for it in your office? The standard answer and the perception in most offices is that the team members at the front desk are responsible for it, meaning they are the ones responsible to fill it, manage it, and are often blamed when it falls apart.

You may be surprised to learn that actually every single team member is responsible for the schedule and make an impact on how full or empty it stays. Yes, the front desk team needs to know how to effectively schedule to have the most productive day every day as well. The patients staying on your schedule and showing up for their scheduled appointments is largely affected by how your entire team make the patients feel when they are in your office.

The number one challenge when it comes to having a productive day is knowing how and where to schedule patients. There is actually a system to it that involves a well trained team who will take the responsibility and look at the schedule as an opportunity and not a challenge or an untamed monster.

Our expert training specialists travel the world creating solutions one schedule at a time and turn what looks like a maze in the scheduling world to the system that producers results and excitement within teams every single day.

If you look at your schedule and say to yourself “I felt like I ran a marathon seeing one patient after another and produced the least amount of money today!” than that means your scheduling technique is out of tune.


Our 2-Day Live Scheduling Day training not only teaches your team how to effectively schedule but also guarantees an increate of $50 in doctor’s hourly production.

Your schedule is the most important part of your business and needs to take a priority every singe day.

Just like the famous quote by Margaret Thatcher: “Plan your work for every day, then work your plan.”, “Schedule your work and work your schedule!” is what needs to happen in your office.

It’s about working smarter not harder and having fun while at it!


Live Scheduling Day at Summit Family Dental in Colorado – Dr. Rick Harvey and the team with trainers Abby and Jodi.