Month: February 2017

3 Ways Your Dental Office Can Capture More New Patients

Did you know that, on average, a typical office misses 42% of their potential New Patient calls?! What’s even more alarming than that statistic is that 81% of those potential New Patient callers will not call back or leave a message if they happen to get voicemail.  Even if they get a busy signal or simply no answer, the odds are high that they will not try again but instead move on to the next office on the list. The truth is, we are an immediate gratification society and if we make a call, we’re hot when we make it and...

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7 Things That Require Zero Talent

We live in a talent-seeking culture. We have talent scouts in sports, agents in the entertainment business, and headhunters in the corporate world. Heck, we can’t turn the television on without encountering one of the dozens of reality shows set on finding America’s next top model, chef, designer, or performer. So it makes sense that when you are hiring for your practice, you, too, would be on a great search for the “next best thing” in the dental field. You know they must be out there, right? But what if I told you that while seeking only talent in...

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