Month: July 2016

Your 2016 Space & Equipment Assessment: Are You Ready for Take-Off?

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about how your Space & Equipment should be a runway to success. I’d like to recap that message, and at the end– I’d like to ask you a very important question.   But first…. What’s the point of a runway? Well, it provides space so that a plane can gather momentum and speed before it is able to lift off the ground. The plane needs this runway to gain altitude without encountering any dangerous obstacles! This strip of land is important for taking off and landing– without it, pilots wouldn’t be able...

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Identifying TOP Priority Calls

Calling all phone ninjas!!! This article is a quick refresher for YOU, our front desk team members! No matter what kind of day you are having… Whether your kid has to be picked up early or you had a fight with your spouse… You need to check all of those distractions at the door. When the phone rings and you pick it up, you have to be in a state of TOTAL readiness. You need to be on your A-game.   Why? Well, you need to be distraction free so that you can: 1) Answer the phone with a...

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How (and Why) to Hold a Morning Huddle in Your Office

Whether or not you like football, you probably know the answer to this question… What does a team do before every play? They huddle up, right? Why do you think they do that? Well, it’s not to talk about the weather… Or make plans for the weekend… Or exchange the perfect recipe for apple pie! It’s to get on the same level. To reset. To PLAN.   The morning huddle works exactly the same way in your Practice. Think about all the distractions your team walks into the office with in the morning. They are literally loaded down with...

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