Month: April 2016

Are You Paying Unnecessary Fees for Credit Card Processing?

The first time I went hunting, I had zero experience. Never been; didn’t know anything about it. I literally just bought a gun and headed out to the deer stand. (How difficult could it be, right?) So, I get up in the stand, and immediately, there’s a deer… He couldn’t have been more than 20 feet away. I felt like I’d hit the jackpot! I peer into the scope, steady myself, and pull the trigger. And I missed… By a long shot. I was so aggravated. Once my friends got there, I started telling them my embarrassing story and...

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Peak Performers vs. Average Joes: What’s the Secret Sauce?

As March Madness wrapped up last week, it got us thinking. What separates the teams who make it to the Championship from those who fall out at the beginning? What about the players who start versus those who never make it off the bench? What’s the Secret Sauce? Walter Bond, former professional basketball player and world-renowned motivational speaker, says there’s a difference between winners and those who just show up. “In 1989, my team made it to the Sweet Sixteen while I played at the University of Minnesota. We faced Duke that year. Their team was stacked with players such as...

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