Month: March 2016

Practice Tips 101: Answering INSURANCE Questions

We love having the opportunity to come into your office and talk to your entire team. Why? Because when we’re on the “front lines”, we get to hear about the BIG issues and answer your questions! Whether you’re a doctor, a front desk member, a hygienist or a marketer, you can tell us what you’re struggling with on a daily basis… And we can use that information to zero in on your needs! That’s why we are starting a new series… One that’s specifically tailored to the big issues you wrestle with every single day. Up first, we’ve got...

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Food for Thought: How Much Do You Value Your Team?

Every good leader knows that actions speak much louder than words. You can tell your team how much you value them… Or you can SHOW them! How? Invest in their success. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… Investing in your team’s success potential is absolutely critical to the success of your Practice.   What do I mean by that? I’m talking about providing your team members with the knowledge and skill set they need to succeed. I’m talking about investing in TEAM TRAININGS. When you invest in trainings that allow your team to grow...

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Reactive Language vs. Proactive Language in the Workplace

If you have kids– or if you’ve ever worked closely with them– then you probably know that the language you use can have a huge effect on their attitudes. And we’re not just talking about curse words… The positive or negative way that you frame an idea can determine their entire perspective! But that’s just kids…. Right? Their minds are so darn impressionable… Actually, the exact same thing is true for adults! And it doesn’t have to do with how smart you are… This phenomenon affects everyone.   Every day, you communicate with others using language. Even though you...

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