Month: January 2016

Advice from Jay: Your Investment Determines Your Results

A while back, I decided that I really wanted a Japanese maple in my yard. They’re beautiful trees—they’ve got these stunning, deep red-colored leaves. So, I had one planted. Unfortunately, my landscaper had no clue how to manicure it. It grew into a bushy, awkward tree with limbs going in every which direction. It was definitely not the beautiful tree I’d envisioned…   But, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” right? So, I planted another Japanese maple, and I hired a new landscaper. He cleaned up the bottom of it, trimmed the top into a dome…...

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Why “Above the Line” Staff Are Your Greatest Asset

It’s easy to feel a little low-energy at the beginning of the week, so let’s try a mental exercise to increase your engagement and amp up your productivity for the rest of this week. Are you ready? I want you to imagine a line– a sort of boundary, if you will. Now, imagine that there are only two kinds of people, and they are divided by this very clear line. The people who rise above this line are results-oriented people. They accept responsibility for their actions, and they strive to grow, both personally and professionally. These people set goals...

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THANK YOU! Scheduling Institute Scores Its 9th Townie Choice Award!

Here at the Scheduling Institute, we can barely contain our excitement… We recently learned that we’ve won another Dentaltown Townie Choice Award! In fact, thanks to you, we were voted #1 in the “Consultants & Advisors” category for the 9th time IN A ROW!  Your support was completely overwhelming (and it made us more than a little emotional!) 204 of you voted for us– that’s 62% of the total votes and more than 4.74 TIMES as many votes as the runner up. WOW! This is a moment that we will never forget, and we want to take a second to share...

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