Month: November 2015

Your Team is a Direct Reflection of YOU

I’d like to ask you a question. When was the last time you took FULL responsibility for the quality of your team? Ok… Before you decide on your answer, I want to explain what I mean. Obviously there are a couple different aspects to taking responsibility for the quality of your team. Of course it’s important to invest in training your team so that they can reach their full potential– both personally and professionally. Another crucial element is setting high standards and taking control of your team. And that doesn’t just mean expecting great results; it also means weeding...

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Team Outing: Let’s Go Braves!!!

A few months ago, Jay gave us the wonderful opportunity to spend time together as a team doing something we LOVE to do… Tailgating before a Braves baseball game!! Even though the afternoon started off a little rainy, all we needed was some delicious BBQ, tasty drinks, corn hole, and a whole lot of laughter and music to make our own sunshine! It was a fun-filled afternoon that allowed us to kick back and get to know each other better. The thing is, “team building” doesn’t always have to be a day of regimented activities and carefully planned discussions…....

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