Month: March 2015

Do You Invest ENOUGH in Yourself?

Every single week, my team and I send you tons of information on different investments that you can make to improve your life. “Invest in your team; invest in your building; invest in your marketing…” You might appreciate the information; it might drive you crazy–either way, our marketing has a very deliberate point… Literally all of the pieces we send you are opportunities to INVEST in your Practice and see a greater ROI. But did you realize that–at the center of it all– we are really driving you to invest more in yourself? All my life, I’ve been investing in...

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3 Tips to Safeguard Your Practice Against Embezzlement

Here’s the problem. When you have HUMANS looking over your finances, you have to deal with a variety of HUMAN problems. Dishonesty, error, competition, jealousy, manipulation, etc. It is easy to forget that someone who works for you is, after all, only human… As great as they seem, they shouldn’t be given full control of your finances. I’ve seen too many doctors fall into the trap of trusting one special employee with all of the Practice finances… just to find out one year later that they had embezzled large amounts of money. In fact, according to the American Dental...

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