Month: February 2015

Quick Tip: Focus on Same Day Treatment

Pop quiz. How many opportunities do you MISS in a day, a week, even a month at your Practice by NOT focusing on Same Day Treatment? Hint… It’s probably more than you’d guess. If you want to drastically increase your office collections, you need to focus on completing MORE SAME DAY TREATMENT. It’s not just a win for the business – but for your patients also!! You and your team have to be intentional every single day about this, or it won’t happen. So ask yourself… What am I doing every single day to make sure that everyone is...

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Why Putting Life on “Automatic” Could Be the Answer: Part 2

Back in January, I discussed how integrating automatic processes into your life can maximize your efficiency in EVERY area, and I gave you a few examples–like automating your workouts and your marriage. But now let’s go into a little more detail about how to automate your financial life. This seems to be the area that causes doctors the most anxiety and confusion. I’ll start with the financial example that everyone can readily relate to— Mortgage Debt. Most people have mortgage debt throughout their adult lives… However, many of them have never done the math that exposes how detrimental mortgage...

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The 4 PROVEN Success Habits of Society’s Top 1%

The top 1% of society’s most successful people didn’t achieve success by accident. The truth is, these people have developed intentional habits and perspectives that have allowed them to surpass their peers. They have mastered the rules of making money But why let them have all the fun?!  I’ve created a step-by-step guide that will give you a brand new perspective on success and expose the secrets of society’s top 1%. If you’re wondering whether these principles really work, the answer is YES! Over a three-year period, this top 1% is capable, on average, of DOUBLING their income… and...

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How to Get Serious About Achieving Your Vision

Creating and articulating a vision for your Practice is an essential first step to growing a successful and profitable business. Now, you have to do what it takes to actually achieve that vision. As we all know, you can’t do it alone! You need key people in your organization to help you execute your vision—that means identifying their strengths, giving them opportunities, and investing in your team!   There are 5 “types” of people needed to make a business successful.  The Visionary: As the owner of your Practice, YOU conceive it’s future. You also put all the elements in...

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The Truth About Money That No One Ever Taught You

If you could have a chat with any of the richest entrepreneurs in the world, and ask them how they got to where they are today, I can guarantee you that they’d say these two things. 1)   It isn’t easy. 2)   There are “rules” you have to follow. If you’re intentional about following the rules, you will always be able to make money. However, if you never learn the rules OR simply choose not to follow them—then no matter how hard you try, you will never make much money.   When you think about it, the world’s most prolific...

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