Month: January 2015

You THINK You’re Healthy, But Are You Only 33% Correct?

Let me ask you a question. If you had to rate your HEALTH on a scale from 1-10, what would it be?   What if I told you that you could jog EVERY day, drink a gallon of water, and eat only the healthiest organic stuff, and STILL be a three? I know what you’re thinking. “….Whaaatt?!?!” But hang with me for a second!   The truth is, being healthy is a balancing act. There are actually THREE areas: physical health, spiritual health, and mental health. A lot of us focus on our bodies, and think we’re good to...

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Marketing 101: Test, Track, Tweak

It’s about time for a refresher course! I’m sure you’ve realized by now that when it comes to marketing, you’re never finished. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, you have to be constantly analyzing and fine-tuning your marketing pieces. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Constant change? Jay, that sounds like a lot of work and a whole lot of money!” Well, I’m not going to claim it’s EASY… I AM going to share a few simple steps to help you get the best return on your marketing investment and make the process a little...

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Why Putting Life on “Automatic” Could Be the Answer: Part 1

While I was preparing for one of my last Financial Freedom events ever, I was thinking about the habits of the most financially successful people. Suddenly, it smacked me across the face. The single most important piece of advice I could ever give you, and I’ve never clearly articulated it. This one thing has the ability to impact your life very quickly if you implement it. Today I am going to discuss the “automatic life”. Things that are automatic are self-acting, and don’t require conscious thought. Isn’t that an amazing concept? I don’t have high follow-through so I KNOW...

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Are YOUR Weaknesses Holding Your Practice Back?

Think back to your favorite athlete when you were a child. Maybe you owned a baseball card that you always kept in your wallet, or had their picture on your bedroom wall. You may have even aspired to be like them one day, and tried out for the sports they played. Let’s take a minute and consider one very important step on their path to greatness… No matter their talent, drive, or determination, this athlete wouldn’t have made it half as far as they did without ONE thing. A phenomenal coach. Their coach held them accountable for becoming the...

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OMGWCP (OMG, White Collar Problems)

Today, I’m going to discuss something that I like to call a reality check. It’s something we all struggle with, myself included.  OMG, White Collar Problems. It’s an epidemic that’s sweeping the nation. Wealthy business owners such as ourselves can’t stop talking about their “enormous problems.” Alright, so reality check.   Cash flow, payrolls, etc… These aren’t real problems. They can be solved by some creative problem solving, sound business advice, and a few wise investments. We don’t have the right to call these “problems.” Do you want to experience real problems? Would you like to trade places with...

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